📷 Day 6: silhouette A nice glass of whiskey Suggested by: @otaviocc

📷 Day 5: Earth There are so many beautiful places on Earth like in this picture that I captured while visiting St. Lucia. Suggested by: @dfj

📷 Day 4: thorny This plant is fake because Iowa weather has not cooperated with my real thorny plants yet.

📷 Day 3: experimental I have been experimenting with adding an analog component to my note taking alongside my digital notes. Really liking it, but still struggling with how it fits in. Suggested by: @canion

📷 Day 2: photo A photo of my labradoodles first visit to the vet. #mbmay Suggested by: @agilelisa

switch 📷 Day 1: switch The low profile switches make typing on this board so good. #mbmay Suggested by: @ridwan