πŸ“· Day 10: pot A pot that I made with my son for Mother’s Day. Suggested by: @warner

I have the tendency to try the newest app in β€œx” category all the time. Task management, note taking, read later, link saving/bookmarking etc. Would love to hear what some people are using for apps/services in some of these categories.

The Micro.blog May challenge has become something I look forward to thinking about and posting each day.

πŸ“· Day 9: bloom They say April showers, bring May flowers. Suggested by: @thedimpause

πŸ“· Day 8: union These rings signify the union between my wife and I in marriage. Suggested by: @odd

πŸ“· Day 7: park Sunset at a local park. Taken from the park(ing) lot. 😜 Suggested by: @dejus

πŸ“· Day 6: silhouette A nice glass of whiskey Suggested by: @otaviocc

πŸ“· Day 5: Earth There are so many beautiful places on Earth like in this picture that I captured while visiting St. Lucia. Suggested by: @dfj

πŸ“· Day 4: thorny This plant is fake because Iowa weather has not cooperated with my real thorny plants yet.

πŸ“· Day 3: experimental I have been experimenting with adding an analog component to my note taking alongside my digital notes. Really liking it, but still struggling with how it fits in. Suggested by: @canion

πŸ“· Day 2: photo A photo of my labradoodles first visit to the vet. #mbmay Suggested by: @agilelisa

switch πŸ“· Day 1: switch The low profile switches make typing on this board so good. #mbmay Suggested by: @ridwan

Having multiple blog posts that are 70% done is so frustrating, and something I struggle with. Going to use micro.blog as a motivator to see the posts/ideas through to publishing.

Is there good video and/or written documentation for modifying themes for micro.blog?

The creativity and talent that is present on Micro.blog is so impressive.

Gloomy weather is an excuse to tinker with your setup, and all workflow processes right!? 🌧

Been using Obsidian for a couple months now. The community is also great. Any other Obsidian users, or other PKM/TfT users active on Micro.blog?

The NFL draft being in the spring makes the season feel so far away 😒

The amount of interesting things I have seen on Micro.blog the past week has me wishing I joined years ago, but happy to be here now.

Square One I have had the urge to start a blog for a while, but I need something small to kickstart the brain juices.